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LEFT and RIGHT Arrows => run

SPACE or V => jump

+ and - => volume

R => restart game


The controls are slightly different comparing to most platformers, so to take better control of your jumping, remember that you can only charge it up while touching the ground. Take your time and calculate your jumps.

This game was created as my final (solo) project for my bachelor's in Design and Multimedia Communication, at ESAP in Porto, Portugal.
I started out this project knowing close to nothing regarding practical game programming knowledge. A lot of theoretical knowledge from years and years of playing and studying games, but nothing else. While I'm content with the result, even if I would still like to fix some issues here and there, I've already spent way to much hours and brain cells than I probably should on this, and its time to move on to new ventures.
From the start it was meant to be a very short, condensed experience that one could finish in minutes, so I could not only be able to finish on the time frame it was given, but also to be more easily digestible for the player. This will probably take 5 minutes of your day, more or less.

A huge thank you to all my family and friends that helped me from start to end, as well as the users over at Kotaku, Penny Arcade and Flixel forums. Also a big thanks to Flixel, Photon Storm, DAME, and FlashDevelop for providing great free software and documentation.

Thanks for playing!

(Originally posted on NEWGROUNDS.)